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  • The Visual Hive Ecosystem

    Smart Integration, Seamless Experiences: Redefining Event Dynamics.

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    Welcome to the dynamic synergy of the Visual Hive Ecosystem, where five strategic categories converge to redefine the landscape of event marketing. In #SmartVideo, we revolutionize engagement with innovative live and on-demand solutions, while #SmartData transforms raw information into actionable insights. Seamlessly integrated in #SmartReg, our registration system ensures a streamlined user experience. Meanwhile, #SmartAI enhances marketing precision, and #SmartContent crafts targeted visuals for impactful communication.


    What sets us apart is the inherent interconnectedness of these categories. Insights from #SmartData inform #SmartVideo content, while #SmartAI optimizes strategies, and #SmartContent enhances visual narratives.


    The Visual Hive Ecosystem isn't just a collection of products; it's a holistic approach to elevating your event marketing strategies, where each category adds value to the others, ensuring your success in every aspect of your event journey. Welcome to a new era of integrated innovation at Visual Hive.


  • Products

    At Visual Hive, we put our money where our mouth is, and we don't just preach, but build industry-leading products.

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    HiveClip - Revolutionise Video Editing

    Welcome to HiveClip, your gateway to seamless and intelligent video editing for unparalleled content creation. HiveClip is the pioneering product from Visual Hive, a technology and creative solutions provider revolutionizing the event marketing industry. With HiveClip, we bring you a cutting-edge video editing experience, leveraging the power of AI and data analytics. Effortlessly edit and enhance videos with features like automated transcription and intelligent editing, making your content more digestible and captivating. Whether you're an event marketer, content creator, or marketing specialist, HiveClip is your key to elevating your brand, engaging your audience, and driving revenue. Join us in shaping the future of event marketing where creativity meets technology, only at HiveClip.


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    #SmartAI - COMING SOON

    Discover the future of event marketing with Buzzr, your AI-powered marketing assistant. Buzzr, a pioneering product by Visual Hive, is designed to revolutionize B2B event marketing by infusing AI precision into your marketing strategies. Elevate your campaigns with Buzzr's contextual understanding and memory, ensuring your marketing efforts are not just efficient but also deeply personalized. Whether you're a marketing director, agency professional, or content creator, Buzzr is your strategic ally in navigating the complexities of event marketing. Join us in shaping a new era of intelligent and impactful marketing with Buzzr.



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    #SmartData - COMING SOON           

    Welcome to DataHive, where your event data transforms into powerful insights. DataHive, a flagship product of Visual Hive, is your advanced data visualization solution tailored for the dynamic world of events. Dive into a rich visual representation of your data, unlocking actionable insights to fuel informed decisions and enhance your event strategies. With DataHive, navigate the data landscape seamlessly and uncover the potential within your events. Join us in redefining event analytics and elevating your understanding of audience dynamics with DataHive.



  • Services

    Visual Hive is a team of creative #eventtech specialists and digital event designers that provide hybrid solutions to business, engagement & strategic challenges.

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    Video Strategy

    Top-notch video strategy services for B2B events including key elements such as editorial strategy, monetisation, interactivity, engagement, and recommendations to ensure the success of your event to ensure that your video strategy is aligned with your overall event strategy and objectives.


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    Data Strategy & Implementation

    From data architecture to data visualization and business intelligence, we provide the expertise and resources needed to capture and analyze attendee data, optimize engagement levels, and inform future event planning and strategy.




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    Custom tech integrations             

    Development services that are critical to ensuring the success of your event and creating a seamless and engaging experience for attendees, including custom integrations and custom work on registration, event pages, live pages, and networking.



  • What is



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    We must be able to interact, search, read, listen, comment, share and collaborate with smart visual content.

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    We must understand the needs and likes of individuals and create bespoke streams of content for them.

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    We must be able to understand interactions around individual pieces of content in order to curate bespoke experiences.


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    We must be able to look at all points of data from an event and link them together to understand what our community wants!

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    We must be able to look at the relevant data and add layers to behavioural patterns to understand granular needs.

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    We must use AI & ML to truly see past the numbers and have a bird's eye view and delve into details to indeed extract business intelligence!

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