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Empowering #SmartEvents with #SmartTech –
Simplify, Engage, and Grow

#SmartAI, #SmartData & #SmartVideo
to Surpass your Goals



Data Visualisation and Predictive Analytics

Make confident, data-driven decisions with visualisations and predictive analytics that reveal hidden patterns and possibilities within your event data.

Behavioural Segmentation and Cross-event Analytics

Understand your audience like never before with behavioural segmentation, tailoring your marketing strategies to maximise engagement.

Data Strategy Expertise

Partner with our data scientists to develop a robust data strategy & architecture, maximising the impact of your event data.



AI-powered Support and Personalisation

Engage and delight your audience with AI tools like SmartChatbots and mood tracking, ensuring personalised and meaningful interactions.

AI Recommendation Engine

Make content discovery easy and enjoyable for your attendees with personalised selections that perfectly align with their interests.

Content Generation
Utilise generative AI to create personalised content, transform video to text, and maintain a unique tone of voice.



Interactive and Immersive Video Content Experiences
Turn your event videos into immersive experiences, guaranteeing each viewer feels like a participant rather than just an observer.

Video Editorialising and Automated Highlights
Unlock the full potential of your event content with meticulous editorialising and AI-driven highlights, ensuring your messages resonate long after the event.

Live Interaction Tools
Engage audiences with tools for sharing clips, saving moments, and real-time interaction, enhanced by Data Hive insights.



Comprehensive Partnership
Collaborate with Visual Hive to integrate #SmartAI, #SmartData, and #SmartVideo into a unified event strategy. Our end-to-end consultancy services ensure that your events are seamlessly executed and impactful.

Seamless Integration
Our Smart Services ensure smooth integration of all solutions, enhancing event performance and attendee experience. From initial planning to post-event analysis, we provide continuous support to maximise the impact of your events.

Tailored Strategies

Work with us to develop customised strategies that address your unique challenges and goals. By leveraging our advanced technologies, we craft bespoke solutions that drive engagement, retention, and revenue growth.


Empowering #SmartEvents with #SmartSolutions

Transform your events into #SmartEvents with Visual Hive's Smart Services. We partner with you to leverage the power of #SmartAI, #SmartData, and #SmartVideo, creating personalised, data-driven, and immersive experiences. Our #SmartHive approach combines these technologies to provide a comprehensive strategy for your events. From initial planning to post-event analysis, we ensure seamless integration and maximum impact for major conferences, trade shows, and series of summits, driving engagement, retention, and revenue.

Driving Success Across Key Metrics



Expand Your Reach

Engage the right audience effortlessly with #SmartAI, refine with #SmartData, and captivate with #SmartVideo


Qualified Experts

Engage the right audience effortlessly with #SmartAI, refine with #SmartData, and captivate with #SmartVideo


Boost Engagement

Foster meaningful interactions with #SmartAI, tailor experiences with #SmartData, and create compelling content with #SmartVideo.


Maximise Revenue

Enhance monetisation with #SmartAI strategies, informed by #SmartData, and driven by engaging #SmartVideo content.

Trade Show




Unlock the full potential of your events with Visual Hive

Our #SmartVideo technology captivates audiences, while #SmartData provides actionable insights to enhance your strategy.

Combined with #SmartAI, which delivers personalised experiences, these solutions work together to drive acquisition, retention, engagement, and revenue growth effortlessly.

Use Cases


Deep Dive Workshops

Strategise & Scope

We start by diving deep into your world. This initial phase is all about understanding your objectives, challenges, and industry specifics. We scope out the project to ensure our paths are aligned and we have a solid foundation to build upon. This thorough exploration guarantees that we grasp the nuances of your needs, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.


From Idea to Project

Map & Model

With a strategy in place, we mobilise our team of #SmartVideo, #SmartData, and #SmartAI specialists to model your project. This phase is dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions that align with your goals and push the boundaries of innovation and engagement. Our team’s expertise ensures that every aspect of your project is meticulously planned and executed with precision.


From Project to Reality

The activation phase is where your project comes to life. We launch with precision, closely monitoring performance to make real-time adjustments. Our agile methodology ensures we can pivot as needed, keeping your project dynamic and effective. This proactive approach allows us to respond swiftly to changes and maximise the impact of your event.

Activate & Adjust


Learn, Adapt and Improve

After the launch, we step back to review our efforts. This crucial phase involves refining our approach based on performance data and feedback. Our goal is to learn, improve, and prepare for the next cycle of innovation, ensuring continuous growth and success. By analysing outcomes and incorporating insights, we enhance the effectiveness of our strategies.

Review & Refine


Beyond Your Goals

The final phase is about transformation. With the insights gained, we work with you to transcend initial objectives, exploring new opportunities for innovation and impact. This ongoing cycle of transformation keeps our partnerships strong and strategies fresh. Together, we push the boundaries of what’s possible, driving long-term success and continuous evolution.

Transform & Transcend

How We Work

Bee SMART: Crafting S.M.A.R.T. Events

About Us

We believe in forging strong partnerships with our clients to create unforgettable event experiences.

Welcome to Visual Hive, where innovation meets collaboration.

Our ecosystem is designed to empower you with cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, ensuring your events not only meet but exceed expectations.

We are more than just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in the evolving world of B2B events. Our unique blend of #SmartVideo, #SmartData, and #SmartAI transforms traditional event experiences into dynamic, interactive, and personalised journeys. With our ecosystem, you gain access to tools that simplify complexity while amplifying impact, helping you to engage, retain, and grow your audience effectively.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually develop new solutions that address the challenges of modern event marketing. We strive to deliver excellence in every interaction, from initial planning through to post-event analysis, ensuring you have the insights and support needed to create memorable and impactful events.

Join us at Visual Hive, and let’s create better experiences together.

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Discover #SmartHive for Your #SmartEvents

Join us for a comprehensive one-hour meeting focused on understanding your unique objectives and pain points. Our team will collaborate with you to explore how Visual Hive's managed services, including #SmartHive, #SmartAI, #SmartVideo, and #SmartData, can address your specific needs. By the end of the session, we will provide you with tailored recommendations on leveraging #SmartHive to achieve your goals.


This meeting aims to create a customised strategy that maximises your event's impact through innovative technology and data-driven insights.

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