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    We must be able to look at all points of data from an event and link them together to understand what our community wants!

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    We must be able to look at the relevant data and add layers to behavioural patterns to understand granular needs.

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    We must use AI & ML to truly see past the numbers and have a bird's eye view and delve into details to indeed extract business intelligence!

  • What is



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    We must be able to interact, search, read, listen, comment, share and collaborate with smart visual content.

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    We must understand the needs and likes of individuals and create bespoke streams of content for them.

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    We must be able to understand interactions around individual pieces of content in order to curate bespoke experiences.

  • How It Works

    A plug-and-play video curation and monetisation solution

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    Attendees can search the whole database & in the video for their prefered topic and pinpoint the content they are looking for.

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    Sharing a quote in video format to your audience is easy, just select the text, & the video is edited instantly with captions.

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    Saving time is essential, this is why we are using our A.I. recommendation engine to share bespoke content with each user.

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    Organisers can use targeted ads (based on search & interests), subscription models and indirect revenue (user acquisition)

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    Video is the richest behavioural data pool available, and organisers will have access to live in-depth data.

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    Users can choose the language of the audio & transcription to allow ease of access & grow international audiences

  • Products

    At Visual Hive, we put our money where our mouth is, and we don't just preach, but build industry-leading products.

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    Visual Hive's #SmartData is a powerful data visualisation software that provides event organizers with the ability to link multiple sources of data, including registration, networking, lead retrieval, and more. With our platform, you can gain valuable insights into attendee behaviour, allowing you to create a more personalized and engaging experience for your audience in real time. Understanding attendee behaviour is critical to optimizing your event strategy, identifying new revenue opportunities, and driving long-term success. With #SmartData, you'll have the tools you need to make informed decisions and create a truly exceptional event experience for your attendees.


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    #SmartVideo - COMING SOON

    Visual Hive's #SmartVideo solves the struggle with making the most of your B2B event content by providing an online, collaborative and straightforward solution to help you extend the use, lifespan, and value of your event content. With our platform, your audience will have access to a unique resource of personalised, curated content that will keep them engaged. And for you, the event organiser, we make it easy to editorialise and publish your content while also generating invaluable insights to help you engage your audience and generate new revenue streams. It's time to get more out of your event content the way it should be.

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    Watch this space             

    We are working with our partners and looking for new verticals to disrupt. If you have a product that spans media, data, video and events, come talk to us to see how we can work together.



  • Services

    Visual Hive is a team of creative #eventtech specialists and digital event designers that provide hybrid solutions to business, engagement & strategic challenges.

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    Video Strategy

    Top-notch video strategy services for B2B events including key elements such as editorial strategy, monetisation, interactivity, engagement, and recommendations to ensure the success of your event to ensure that your video strategy is aligned with your overall event strategy and objectives.


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    Data Strategy & Implementation

    From data architecture to data visualization and business intelligence, we provide the expertise and resources needed to capture and analyze attendee data, optimize engagement levels, and inform future event planning and strategy.




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    Custom tech integrations             

    Development services that are critical to ensuring the success of your event and creating a seamless and engaging experience for attendees, including custom integrations and custom work on registration, event pages, live pages, and networking.



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  • #SMARTVisualContent creates new

    Revenue Streams


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    Create data-backed bespoke & targeted visual content, to increase engagement and revenues:

    • Dynamic Sponsorship
    • Behavioural insights
    • Bussiness Inteligence
    • Custom revenue tools
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    Creating smart content that is interactive and shareable, creates a new dimension to your events:

    • Sponsorship packages
    • Pay as you go
    • Dynamic Adds
    • Asynchronous video
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    Increase the lifespan of your past content and develop it into an interactive, targeted and monetisable asset:

    • Targeted adds

    • Pay as you go

    • Sponsored playlists

    • Behavioural insights

  • 1200+

    Broadcast Hours




    Revenue generated