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Trade Show

Before the event

  • Enhanced Strategy Development 
    Benefit: Boost attendee acquisition and engagement.
    Utilising #SmartHive, we help you craft a targeted promotional strategy that highlights key exhibitors and innovations through compelling #SmartVideo content. This approach generates buzz and drives registrations by captivating potential attendees with previews and highlights tailored to their interests.

  • Deep Audience Insights
    Benefit: Improve marketing effectiveness and increase registrations.
    With #SmartData, we analyse historical event data to identify key attendee segments and behaviours. This allows you to create precise, targeted marketing campaigns that improve registration rates and enhance exhibitor ROI. By understanding trends and predicting preferences, you can tailor every aspect of your event to meet specific attendee needs.

  • Proactive Engagement Planning 
    Benefit: Increase attendee satisfaction and engagement.
    Our #SmartAI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants provide personalised pre-event engagement. They handle attendee queries, recommend exhibitors and sessions based on individual interests, and guide them through the registration process. This ensures attendees feel welcomed and informed from the start, setting the stage for a positive event experience.

During the Event

  • Dynamic Event Management
    Benefit: Enhance real-time engagement and operational efficiency.
    Implementing #SmartHive real-time analytics allows you to monitor booth traffic, session attendance, and attendee engagement. This enables you to make dynamic adjustments and send targeted notifications to attendees about must-visit exhibits and key sessions, ensuring a seamless and engaging event experience.

  • Interactive Live-Streaming
    Benefit: Expand reach and increase participation.
    #SmartVideo live-streaming with interactive features such as Q&A sessions, polls, and live discussions engages both on-site and remote participants. Attendees can save and share key moments, making the content more interactive and memorable, thereby increasing overall engagement.

  • Personalised Navigation and Assistance
    Benefit: Improve attendee experience and satisfaction.
    Integrating AI-powered navigation assistants within the event app helps attendees find their way, schedule meetings with exhibitors, and receive personalised session recommendations. This level of personalisation ensures that each attendee has a unique and engaging experience, enhancing their overall satisfaction and likelihood of returning.

After the Event

  • Comprehensive Content Repurposing
    Benefit: Maintain engagement and extend event impact.
    Using #SmartVideo, we transform event recordings into engaging post-event content, including highlight reels, exhibitor showcases, and attendee testimonials. This keeps the event alive in attendees' minds and encourages further engagement through shareable, high-quality video snippets.

  • Detailed Performance Analysis
    Benefit: Inform future strategies and improve ROI.
    #SmartData enables thorough performance analysis by measuring event success through detailed engagement metrics and exhibitor feedback. These insights guide strategy refinement for future events, ensuring continuous improvement and better outcomes.

  • Personalised Follow-Up
    Benefit: Foster ongoing relationships and retention.
    #SmartAI personalises follow-up communications, offering tailored content recommendations and connecting attendees with exhibitors they interacted with. This fosters ongoing networking opportunities and strengthens the sense of community among participants. AI also assists in generating customised post-event reports and summaries, enhancing attendee satisfaction and retention.

  • Exhibitor Insights
    Benefit: Maximise exhibitor satisfaction and revenue.
    Our unique #SmartData approach identifies which exhibitors are prime candidates for upgrades and which are in danger of churning. By proactively addressing exhibitor concerns and offering tailored solutions, you can enhance their event experience, improve retention rates, and open opportunities for upselling premium services.

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