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Enhanced Engagement

Attendees enjoy a personalised experience, increasing satisfaction and retention.

Operational Efficiency

Automated support reduces workload and improves response times.

Actionable Insights

Real-time sentiment analysis helps refine event strategies on the fly.

Broader Accessibility

Translations and transcriptions make content accessible to a global audience.

Content Utilisation

Generative AI maximises the value of event content by repurposing it across various formats.

Improved Security

Enhanced information security and accessibility, ensure that all attendee interactions are secure and data privacy is maintained


Customer Support Chatbots

Provide real-time assistance, answering attendee queries and offering support efficiently.

Personalised Assistants

AI-powered chatbots offer tailored recommendations based on attendee behaviour and preferences.

Scalable Chatbots

Deploy chatbots at scale to handle large volumes of interactions seamlessly.


Transforms video content into articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and reports.

Translation and Transcription

Automate the translation and transcription of event content, making it accessible in multiple language

Personalised Content

Suggests sessions, exhibitors, and networking opportunities tailored to individual interests.

Personalised Tone of Voice

Utilises context and memory to deliver a personalised tone of voice in communications.

Event Challenges

Complex Event Navigation

Attendees often struggle to find relevant sessions and exhibitors.

Generic Interactions

Lack of personalisation leads to a disengaged audience.

Inefficient Support

Traditional event support is often slow and impersonal and is time consuming.

Scalability Issues

Difficulty in providing consistent support and personalisation.


Empower your events with intelligent, scalable AI solutions that personalise and enhance every attendee interaction.

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