Visual Hive


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Visual Hive

Visual Content is and will be king, and, like data, is an unrefined oil that grows organically.

Visual Hive is a content data company science platform designed to increase the live span of visual content through automated solutions & tools to generate new revenue streams for events.

Under Hive.Events, we work directly with event managers & publishing companies, delivering a full service from strategy development, content production, delivery to tracking, increasing their RoI from events, online engagement, user acquisition, revenue potential and a lot more.

With a team that cut its teeth working with RedBull, Google & Amazon voice solutions, Deloitte and Associated Press, we are building an open platform that democratises the curation of visual content.

The Problem

The average lifespan of an image online is 2.1 seconds, and the events industry is missing on £2bn+ in revenue opportunities.

The world are producing visual content at unseen rates, generating well over 800TB of data every minute, with double digits yearly increase. The important bit is that we consume and share over 30,000TB of visual content in the same amount of time. Like with any increase of use of a RAW material, we will see an increasing need to develop solutions to understand, use, improve, innovate and maximise the value of the said material. And we can see it happening on every vertical, from creation (AI cameras) to editing (Adobe), to sharing (Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook Stories) to storage (Google Photos), to third-party applications (AI retouching, face recognition). BUT, there is nothing that can aggregate this. There is no AWS, or Google Cloud Platform like we have with other forms of data. Nothing that would allow us not just to aggregate this huge bulk of information, but to understand it and allow us to build products that work together and add live span and value to the RAW product.

The Solution

An open platform, that generates revenue for events by increasing the live span of visual content through automated solutions & tools.

There is no solution on the market that would aggregate, link and allow us to apply multiple solutions to add value to the huge amount of visual content we produce.

We are building the platform in parallel with displaying three in-house products, that will generate revenue from day one. We have a combination of photography and videography solutions in Hive.Events and Hive.Sports that help organisers to monetise and maximise RoI from their visual content, and Snapit, which is a face recognition targeting tool that enables instant and bespoke delivery of content.

We are launching the products on the 1st of April, and we already have three large clients interested in the three products, with three bookings in place. We also have 2 partnerships with Events Industry News and The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry agreed. These will put us in a good position to achieve the 1.2M target we have set ourselves for the end of the year

The Opportunity

The total addressable market is valued at £100B in 2019 when you look at the visual content services industries of (photography, videography, AR & VR) and to the big data analytics industry. Visual Content market is estimated to double in size by 2025 when technology will push VR & AR to a mass market.

Our products are built with three aims in mind: revenue, the speed of scaling and critical mass. We know that one of our key targets is to accumulate a critical mass of clients in order to generate the network effect. That, in turn, will be one of our most important competitive advantages. We also have the two key partners in the event industry and our network that will ensure fast market penetration.

The Team

Bogdan, who is the Founder and CEO, who will bring his experience covering events like Olympic Games, Football World Cups, Royal Weddings and much more, for companies like Associated Press, Red Bull and Nike, to leverage both the high-end curation & delivery and the clients. On the tech side, we have Ethan, whose experience developing solutions on Amazon Echo & Google Home platforms will ensure we have the best and most feasible tech to work with. We also have a very strong advisory board, allowing us to work with specialists in the AR & VR world (Nathan & Adrian), to tap deep into the events industry (Adam).