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    Create your own production flow using live and pre-recorded solutions

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  • #SMARTProduction

    We create and curate data-driven streams, which enables our event partners to augment their existing events and future portfolio.

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    Targeted content for your community

    We work with you to create and produce live and pre-recorded content aligned to your brand and KPIs, to keep your community engaged across the year from webinars to the flagship conference, making sure quality, interactivity and budgets stay aligned with your audience.

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    Bespoke streams to add to boost your show

    Produce bespoke content streams for you and your stakeholders to increase audience engagement before, during and after the event, improving digital relevance and reach and generating new revenue streams.

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    Broadcast level quality to power your brand

    Produce visual content that will place your brand at the top of the leaders in the industry and boost your brand value.


  • Our Process

    As all events are different, our process will adapt to your event, and the steps below will give you an idea of the main steps that need to take place for a successful live event


    Production meeting

    Our initial meeting will detail all of the work we will be doing, from team to KPIs, software and integrations


    Design approval

    We will design or help with design assets for the live environments, live page and make sure all is aligned with your brand


    Content architecture

    We will build the content architecture, from how the live event wil look all the way to the live page.


    Run-sheet approval

    We will build a detailed run-sheet, which will be our live bible and point of truth.


    Broadcast integrations

    We will run an audit on any tech integrations are in place or build them if it is our responsibility.


    Speaker training

    We will run Speaker Training sessions, and create a bespoke document for them


    Dry run

    For larger productions a dry run is the best way to go through the live event before we go live and fine-tune all details



    We are all prepared now to:
    Go LIVE!

  • #SMARTProduction Live Team

    We take pride in working with top talent, with huge experience in live TV shows.

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    Project Manager

    Our project managers have extensive live event experience and project management and broadcast knowledge to help the client choose the technical options that will achieve their goals and support them through the live event. The project manager will be the one supporting the live event as well in person, managing both the on-site and digital teams.

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    Our producers come with live news and live tv experience, bringing the analytical and planning skills to manage the dynamics of the hybrid experience. The producer will sometimes support the live event in person as well, working with the PM to manage both the on-site and digital teams.

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    Live technician​

    Our live technicians have all extensive live tv experience and bring to the table the technical knowledge that allows us to deliver and manage complex and dynamic hybrid experiences. They all work in and with TV-grade broadcast studios.

  • Our Solutions


    Best for quality, control &

    visual experience

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    - 1080p and up to 4k broadcast

    - Bespoke design and transitions

    - Bespoke live architecture

    - Sponsorship ready

    - Complete control on prerecorded content

    - Tailored call-in solutions

    - Up to 9 simultaneous calls

    - Seamless multi-platform integration (zoom and skype)

    - Live chat support

    - Your own designated event team


    • Designated team (Senior Project Manager, Senior Producer, Senior Live Technician)
    • Speaker training & management
    • Secure streaming solution & player
    • Bespoke design & Live architecture
    • Edited recordings


    Best for small events

    and on-demand content

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    - Ease of use - web-based platform

    - Up to 600 live participants

    - Integrated live Q&A, polls & chat

    - Prerecorded content library

    - Room design and branding

    - Stream to multiple platforms (720p)

    - Waiting, rehearsal & breakout rooms

    - AWS based servers




    • Designated team (Senior Producer, Senior Live Technician)
    • Speaker training & management
    • Secure streaming solution & player
    • Templated design & Live architecture
    • Edited recordings


    Best for audience participation

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    - Ease of use - web-based platform

    - 720p and up to 1080p

    - Custom design

    - Sponsorship ready

    - Control on prerecorded content

    - Web-based call solution

    - Up to 9 simultaneous calls

    - In live overlays

    - Live chat support

    - Your own designated event team





    • Designated team (Senior Project Manager, Producer, Live Technician x2)
    • Speaker training & management
    • Webinar web platform embed & SSO
    • Pre-recorded content & material library
    • Breakout rooms


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    - Create your own streams

    - Use any solution for each stream

    - Manage budgets better

    - We will help you decide which solution fits best for each stream

    Use our solutions like a logo-set to create a bespoke experience for your audience 

  • Let us take care of all your production needs

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.